Should Affiliate Marketers Be Tarred and Feathered?

Affiliate Marketers

Big Bird and the Road Runner

It can also surprise you, but I even have never certainly been tarred or feathered. Nor certainly, do I suffer from any longing to have my body blanketed in sticky tar after which sprinkled with a liberal dusting of feathers so that I look like a go among Big Bird and the Road Runner.

Tarred and Feathered, Just Like in Biblical Times

One of my (ex) affiliate advertising and marketing clients disagrees. He complained to me in an e-mail that he changed into going to report me to the powers that be and begin a petition (or a partition as he positioned it) in all 50 states, disturbing that I be fined and tarred and feathered, similar to in biblical instances.

My Bank Wouldn’t Pay for Your Product

And my crime? Apparently I was chargeable for his bank refusing payment and his credit card being declined again and again. Go figure. Look, this guy is virtually two sandwiches brief of a picnic but it does shine a light on a totally critical lesson. Even the semi-sane amongst us can be brief to blame others while matters aren’t going our way.

Don’t Bang Your Head Against the Wall

I hold my palms up. I was like this when I first started associate advertising. Nothing become running and before everything I turned into scratching my head. Then I started out tapping my head. And subsequently I started banging my head in opposition to the wall. Eventually I found a way to make suitable cash and each day commissions. And from then on, I became capable of graduate to large college wherein I’m now making numerous hundred bucks an afternoon arms-unfastened.

Other People Are Not to Blame

So, don’t be difficult on yourself and don’t blame others if you’re no longer making the money you sense you deserve. Instead, take movement. Get your arms on as much quality statistics as you could approximately making associate commissions hands-free, after which take movement nowadays to put it into exercise. The net is awash with data, hell you possibly have sufficient content material hidden for your tough power already to get to work. Just ensure that the information you operate comes from entrepreneurs who are banking large commissions constantly and feature a tried and tested device in vicinity. Remember even though that after you turn out to be independently rich, some human beings could be green with envy. Still, it beats being included in tar and feathers!

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