Reviews of Keyword Research Tools

Reviews of Keyword Research Tools

Jaaxy Niche Keyword Research Tool Review

Jaaxy is the most popular niche keyword research tool out there that helps you find specific keywords and reduces your keyword researching efforts to the absolute minimum.

Whether you’re getting started with a niche website or trying to come up with a great article for your blog; this keyword tool is exactly what you need.


Jaaxy collects the keyword search data from the leading search engines like Yahoo, Bing, and Google. Right after that, it displays them in a simple and uncomplicated manner.

Jaaxy Niche Keyword Research Tool Review


Unlike the keyword planner tool from Google, which is specifically meant for Adwords advertisers, this tool presents the accumulated search data in a better way for niche pursuing people who are looking out to increase the traffic on their websites.

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This tool provides complete information about the keyword competition along with a lot of other useful things.

While the Google keyword planner will inform you about the competition between the Adwords advertisers of Google for a specific keyword, this tool will inform you about the competition between every niche keyword from popular search engines.

The tool is simple, easy to use and has been massively loved by users for its flexibility and smart tweaks.

Here’s a complete Jaaxy Keyword Review that gives you an insight into the features and benefits of using this keyword tool.

What does Jaaxy do?

This keyword finder tool is great for a series of things. Some of them are listed below.

  • It promptly reveals the high traffic niches that are still yet to be exploited.
  • It comes up with low competition keywords that help you with the rankings.
  • It helps you to understand the idea of a competitive keyword.
  • It helps you to understand how much traffic you are likely to expect if you choose a specific keyword and try to rank for it.
  • Brainstorms unique, and out of the box niche keyword ideas.
  • Builds an easy and simple to-do-list for your upcoming projects.
  • It gives you an insight into the keyword metrics that boosts your SEO goals.
  • Saves your list of keywords and organizes them according to topics.
  • It helps you to decide whether you should go for a specific niche or not.
  • Searches and buys new names for your domain, only to flip them later.
  • It helps you get a better idea of what is currently trending and is popular on the web.
  • Takes advantage of Google’s new technique called Instant Alphabet Soup.
  • It comes up with affiliate programs that are great for your niche and keywords.
  • It helps you understand whether you can make money in a specific niche.
  • Shows your site and posts the rankings from time to time.

What are the benefits of using this tool?

Well, one of the major benefits of using the tool is that there is almost no curve for learning how to use and operate it. The tool also works at a lightning-fast speed and is very simple to use with its friendly interface.

The data provided is completely accurate and there no unnecessary stuff that is likely to distract you. Also, being an online application you can use this on PC, to Reviews of Keyword Research Tools.

Mac and any other computer. It is mobile-friendly and can be flawlessly operated on your smartphones and tablets.

The best part of using this tool is that you do not need to download or install it. Likewise, there is also no software acquisition, the fee associated with it.

This tool is incredibly handy as it automatically updates itself, without having you to do anything manually. You always get to use the stable version of the app instead of waiting for the updates.

If you’re planning to advertise on an advertising platform like Adwords, then you can use this tool to find great keywords for use on your ads.

You get to find high traffic keywords with absolutely low competition and the app collects updated and best versions of the data from Bing, Google, and Yahoo.

This data is further combined with the proprietary data for the best results of Reviews of Keyword Research Tools

The app also uses a series of powerful servers in order to calculate the results in a couple of seconds. It comes with great training material and renders consistent, reliable and fast support.

So if you are an internet marketer, online business owner or domain owner, this app can be a great investment.

On a final note

Well, considering the great tweaks, flexibility and amazing features of Jaaxy, this software is indeed worth a shot.

Use this product to increase your site traffic, boost your online visibility and keep your internet marketing business, an edge ahead of others.

Review of WordTracker Tool

WordTracker Description

When it comes to internet marketing, WordTracker is the leading keyword research tool. Throughout its existence, WordTracker has undergone a lot of changes so that it fits all the needs that marketers might have.

Even though the competition is fierce, WordTracker can provide you with the ideal keywords needed for affiliate marketing, SEO and PPC advertising.

WordTracker in Detail

WordTracker has gathered some positive and some negative reviews from users over the years. However, it could be said that this program is the grandfather of all keyword research tools.

Even though there have been a lot of competitors to try and take its place, WordTracker has persevered.

It still holds the largest market share out of all competitors, and it has undergone countless improvements when it comes to services.

Do You Want To Know Our Number 1 Keyword Research Tool


When other tools have been taken into consideration a lot of people have claimed that WordTracker is not the prettiest, nor is it the most flexible solution.

However, it is definitely convenient. Many competitors have built-in, albeit unnecessary tools, whereas WordTracker is divided into exactly the things you need to launch a successful campaign.

That way you save a lot of time from learning how to navigate around a complex interface. With the Full Search functionality, you can perform an in-depth analysis of more than one keyword at a time.

You can see related keywords at a glance, so you do not need to do separate searches for each keyword variation respectively.


A lot of the keyword research tools come with tutorials, encouragement and additional functionalities. These are ideal for those, who are not too experienced as keyword researchers.

After all, beginners are not very good at managing their time when they have a lot to learn. In my experience, I have found that WordTracker is quite friendly towards beginners.

The so-called WordTracker Academy has all the data you need in order to begin a successful keyword research process.

Reviews of Keyword Research Tools

Among the articles, you will find numerous tips on building a successful site and how you can optimize it.

Keyword guides, case studies, and in-depth walkthroughs are available for those, who do not know how to cope with all the phases of building a good website.


WordTracker does boast some pretty expensive monthly and weekly subscriptions, at least compared to the competition. However, when you look at the yearly subscription, you will find that it is the cheapest of them all.

When compared to competitors of the same quality, WordTracker comes out as 39% cheaper. There is a reasonable amount of satisfaction to be expected from a subscription.

Of course, in order to make full use of it, you will have to have a need for constant keyword research and a lot of detail during your projects.

If you are looking for a pay-per-click campaign that is highly targeted, or you need traffic that is very accurate, you could go for Keyword Density.

If you are looking for the tool that will last you only for about a month or so, WordZe is the thing for you.

Those who would really fall in love with WordTracker, are those, who need continuous coverage of their campaigns at a reasonable price.

Wordtracker Reputation

Even though it is quite old, WordTracker is a favorite among diehard internet marketers. All you need to target given keyword phrases are there for the taking.

Many competitors do not come with the limited free trial that WordTracker offers. You can also benefit from a 30-day money-back guarantee, and if you are not satisfied, you are eligible for a refund.

Review of SEMCompete Tool

SEMCompete is one of the good new research tools out there right now. The same people behind SEMCompete are also responsible for SERPTrends, a great SEO Firefox add-on.

When I am after observing my position dynamic on the Google SERP page, this tool is more than useful. This new program is definitely worth the wait.

There is one true benefit that I have considered for SEMCompete, and this is the fact that its purpose is clear – it targets exactly the online marketing niche.

With the toolkit, the program offers, you can do Keyword Research, Competitor Analysis, and Google Adwords Research.

Naturally, all of the online marketing toolkits out there are supposed to help you out with keyword research, but, at least to my experience,

SEMCompete is really better because of the way it relates the data to commercial value. This is done by placing Adword data together with keyword and competitor reporting.

The program offers competitor and keyword research tools of high value, which are easy to comprehend.

You can use SEMCompete with and

SEMCompete Competitor research

You can easily say that the data provided is more than useful, and I have been able to see the commercial values of my keywords with just a quick glance.

You will be able to see the keywords that your competitors are currently buying from Adwords.

With  SEMCompete, you can monitor the following things:

A summarized report of Adwords and Search traffic, as well as Adwords budget

A display of individual keywords, traffic, CPC, monthly searches, costs and more

All domain-run Adwords texts

Data on organic keywords – individual words, SERP positions, traffic, estimated costs, and CPC


Reverse IP for the domain

The report data can easily be exported to both Excel and CSV. You can obtain even in-depth info on a keyword after clicking on it.

SEMCompete Keyword research
Keyword reports are available too. They will show you:

A summarized report of searches, broad searches, and average CPC

All related keywords with monthly searches, searches*CPC, pure CPC, and Google search result counts

Adwords competitors and amounts of Adwords keywords with SE positions Organic competitors


You can expect a pretty fair price for SEMCompete. It comes for only $39 per month and provides astonishing amounts of data.


Of course, you cannot expect miracles from anything, and SEMCompete falls into this category. You will need to be thoroughly considerate and use the tool as wisely as possible.

Make sure to point out that even if you copy everything from your competitors, your success might not be as great as theirs.

You will need a proper account history in order to achieve success. You will not receive the same amount for your keywords as your competitors if you do not have the exact same account history.

If you are looking at examining the competitive landscape of a given market, SEMCompete will come in pretty helpful. Reviews of Keyword Research Tools

If you build appropriate websites and you target your niche with consideration, you will achieve success.

When you have built the right skillset, using tools like SEMCompete will be a sure win scenario for you for certain. Reviews of Keyword Research Tools

Review of Keywordspy Tool

Before you are ready to build the content of your site, you need to do something that is more important and time-consuming: researching.

No matter if you are an affiliate marketer or a creator, you will not find it easy to make money online. The information needed will require a lot of time to be researched.

Keywords are an important part of the research.

You need to know which the most searched keywords are, what their competitive value is, what are the costs of advertising with the given keywords, and which words you can use to register your domain with.

This is clearly a lot of work, but with KeywordSpy you will need no more than a fraction of the time you would initially need.

You are capable of tracking how your competitors are currently maneuvering.

All you need is to pick your keywords, and the software will help you pick out who your competitors are, and who is the best at using the given phrases.

You will also be able to keep track of competitor progress of all sorts. This is not only helpful for your business, but you can use it to learn for the future endeavors you are going to commit to.

With KeywordSpy, you can constantly keep track of what others are doing with the keywords you are targeting.

There is one challenge, which all online marketers face, and this is choosing the right keywords that are most profitable.

Not all keywords are equal and this is something you will easily find out. With initial research, you will be able to pinpoint the exact keywords, which are usually racking up good income for those who use them.

With KeywordSpy this chore becomes a breeze. The software is created so that it finds out which the keywords generating the most revenue are.

If you decide to track this information manually, this could take you several weeks.

You could call this software a more than good thesaurus. When you can’t decide the keywords you should be tracking, this might slow you down considerably.

When however you use KeywordSpy, you will find the keywords, which are closely related to what you need, and that generate proper revenue.

This way you will save a lot more time than with conventional tools that most marketers are using right now.

Keyword research is an important part of marketing, even though it is quite boring, and takes up quite a lot of time.

While I was having my go with KeywordSpy, I found that I completed stuff that would otherwise take me months, in just a few hours. Impressive, eh?

This is the ideal tool you can use to maximize time while chasing your endeavors the right way.


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