Lesson 2 Doing Your Market Research Part 1







three.1 Ubersuggest.Com

three.2 eBay.Famous.Com

3.3 Magazine.Com

3.4 Flippa.Com

3.Five Tecnorati.Com


five.0 SUMMARY



In on-line enterprise, if you are going to be selling facts, that is exceedingly encouraged for beginners for the motives mentioned within the ultimate chapter, there are three primary niches you need to attention on. They are Health and Happiness; Money and Wealth; Love and Beauty. We call them the big three.

These niches and their sub-niches are top to move whenever anywhere. They have masses human beings, plenty and surplus money to make from anywhere you are located in the globe. In other phrases, there are big and ever trending markets.


  • To display the students the web sites and the software to apply for professional market studies
  • To show the scholar proper way of the use of this software program
  • The scholar have to as a minimum be able to use the primary level of these software program


In my example in bankruptcy 1, I used ‘make cash on line’, other veritable markets additionally include:

  1. Natural Cures
  2. Reversing Aging
  3. Fitness
  4. Dieting
  5. Self-Improvement
  6. Getting Rid of Acne
  7. Dating Advice
  8. Work From Home
  9. Blogging
  10. Internet Marketing
  11. Getting Your Ex Back
  12. Improving Your Marriage
  13. Weight Loss
  14. Work From Home,
  15. Etc.

All those can easily suit into the large 3 categories.

After you have got determined your market area of interest, there are very specific methods and places to do market studies if you need to make it to the top on this enterprise. These specific ways and locations are what we’re going to be preoccupied with in this discussion.

3.1 Ubersugest.Com

At Ubersuggest what you must do is to kind in you niche or key-word and the website online will go back alphabetically all of the relevant searches that ranges from niches to sub-niches which will pick from. You can construct many moneymaking website online(s) within the area of interest of your choice using these consequences.

I used a specific niche keyword here – fitness

Scroll down the web page and observe the alphabetical arrangement of the Niches and sub-niches of your seek result.

Do not forget about to look at the video on this internet page.

3.2 eBay.Popular.Com

The web site gives ideas on famous and in-excessive-call for products.

Check the popular merchandise by way of classes inside the center component of the website; and also at the left side of the web page you will see famous merchandise which might be currently selling fast – click on on the left, wherein the red arrow is, check the new dialogue container and you may see ‘trending collections’ at the base of the box. Those are products which can be currently selling rapid.

If the web page is down, simply kind into the search box ‘popular product on sale at eBay’, use ‘All Categories’. This will equally give you the concept of what you have to pass for.

three.3 Magazine.Com

This is a group of actual physical magazine that humans buy and examine inside the real international.

The idea is if there is a magazine on such topic then there’s enough variety of humans to form a profitable market. Big groups don’t waste their cash in unprofitable markets.

To use this website, click on the kinds on the top and it’s going to bring out all the indexed classes, then click on each in addition niches and the sub-niches can be revealed as you follow the arrow in each of them. Also test at the bestsellers or compute other search terms into the quest box and search.

three.4 Flippa.Com

Flippa is right for sales of profitable and mature web sites.

A newbie might also ought to be cautious that he does now not run into the incorrect hands within the course of doing business right here as many sharp offers have been pronounced.

But the critical component to note here is the kinds of web sites which are on sale and the quantity of sales. Then you could go again to construct those sort of sites as they are regularly profitable ones on your commercial enterprise and possibly on the market later on.

three.Five Tecnorati.Com

Technorati aggregates blogs and posts around the world based on categories. In other words, it is a Blog Curator and Aggregator.

A easy manner to do market research on the web page is to apply the Top one hundred and or the Blog Directory, instance: Blogs =

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