7 Reasons Why Google Adsense Rocks

7 Reasons Why Google Adsense Rocks

Summer Palace, Sunset -- Beijing

Summer Palace, Sunset — Beijing

The first post in a while. I’ve been so busy, my bad.

First, I’m officially full time, very sleazy internet marketer now — mothers, be sure to keep your daughters away from the likes of me!

First, I want to apologize to a person with prostate cancer — I know I told you that buying my organic Mediterranean-grown carrot seeds will cure it…but I lied. Sorry.

And to the person, who bought that natural dog toothpaste I wrote a review about, well the only thing natural about it is that it’s produced in china by dollar-a-day workers using “Chinese natural ingredients: (read: dangerous industrial-strength chemicals). Oops, must have forgotten to add that part to the review. Maybe next time.

Another day in the life of an internet marketer. When people ask me what I do for a living, I tell them I’m a professional liar. It’s sad, but it’s true.

If you want to make money in the game folks, you need to take little things like ethics and morals and dignity and toss them out the window. An honest internet marketer is a poor internet marketer.

Note: It appears my little comment about having to lie to make good money has offended some people. Folks, you can certainly make money online honestly — only give legitimate reviews of products you can vouch for, don’t make up stuff when you write, etc.

Most people don’t make a dime online, I don’t know you or know how hard you try to work online.

I admire you if you take the high road, but I’m in this business for the money and nothing else. But, my hat’s off to you if you want to be an honest internet marker. It’s just that in this business, things like morals and honest really fucking get in the way of making money online sometimes.

Think for a second what it will means for your make money online strategy if you never lie when you write. From my angle, I’m hearing the cascading sound of many doors of opportunity slamming shut.

On this blog, I tell things the way it is and what it takes to make money.  If you want a sugar-coated version of how to make money online, look elsewhere. I tell you what works and make no apologies for it. It doesn’t mean you have to sell out your good Christian morals to make money on the internet, but you will have to find a more difficult path sometimes.

As a note, if you have problems with lying online, you can make good money with Adsense without lying. For the world of affiliate selling, you are going to face harder decisions about whether you should BS or not.


It’s great FINALLY being free of “the man.” I dithered about quitting my job for months because I didn’t feel like I was diversified enough, etc, but quitting was the right decision and as it turned out the only decision. It was pretty funny trying to explain to my wage-slave coworkers my reasons for quitting.

I pretty much gave up on explaining to them what IM is and how I wasn’t actually going to be “jobless.” From now on, I think I’ll just tell people I sell drugs when they ask what I do – it’s just so much easier.

It’s actually good that I quit. The second to last day at work, 60% of my coworkers were fired out of the blue (my job position was completely axed so I would have gotten the boot too). Nice.

And that folks is why you don’t ever want to trust in “job security.” That’s the way the working world sells it to you. “Join us for job security and dental benefits.” What they fail to tell you on that little promotional job pamphlet is if the company only make 200 million in profit and not 205 million in profit, they need to “streamline” the workflow. This is a corpspeak for giving the boot to a few hundred hard-working employees.

It’s true that IM has it’s a risk. You can get your Adsense banned by Google, get your sites deindexed, etc. But how is this really different than a normal job? You put in your 9-5, work your ass off, and you can still be kicked to the curb because the company didn’t meet its monthly sales expectation and that board member living in Tahiti can now only buy a Porsche instead of a Lamborghini.

So full time, how is it? Bloody good. Now don’t get me wrong, I haven’t quit my job to sit around getting a tan on the beach (in Vancouver, it’s rain rain rain every day for the next 4 months anyway).

I quit so I can get even more work done and make a lot of fucking money so that I can leave to travel around for a couple of years. But now that I don’t have to go to a “job” I can set my own hours.

If I want to put in an 18 hour day, I can. If I want to put in 3 hours then take the day off, I can. If I want to go live abroad, I can. The point is, I have the freedom now.

I read it and had a nice laugh. Most of it was way the fucking off. Clearly the author is making or has made peanuts with Adsense and assumes that’s the case for everyone else. Well, maybe people on Digital Point Forums or Warrior Forums, but not REAL internet marketers.

Let’s deconstruct this article.

#1) The CPM’s are Weak

Really, that’s news to me. In fact, I’ve been only seeing MORE money from my clicks. Now, I have to agree with what Chad Randall or whatever his name is, that Google is pretty shady on how they split the money with publishers.

It’s all smoke and mirrors. If the CPC is 30 bucks, you can really only expect about 20% of that or 6 bucks. And, to be honest, you will probably only get 2-3 bucks. Google magic formula doesn’t usually work in the favor of publishers.

But, Mr. Chad Randall, a disciple of John Chow, CPC can be sky high if you know what the fuck you are doing. I regularly see single clicks so high that a handful of these clicks could provide someone with a full-time income.

So when I hear that CPM’s are weak, I call bull. I have no doubts that in our “Great Depression” that we are living through, as CNN loves to remind us every  day.

CPM’s are lower than what they were. But people are still buying and web advertising is only growing. Folks, there is PLENTY of money to be made despite “lower” CPM’s. You just have to experiment. As a hint, don’t trust what the google Adwords tools says – high CPC doesn’t mean you will get high CPC and low CPC does not have to mean .10 clicks either.

#2) They Look Like Crap

So, you want people to come to your site and woo and ahh about how beautiful the google ads look? See this is the big difference between a blogger and an internet marketer.

Bloggers are so caught up with making things look pretty and entertaining visitors. Internet Marketers are all about function over form. Function = money folks.

Give the people hungry for what they are looking for something to click on, don’t put pretty looking distractions in the way of this, and you’ll make money.

The simple rule is that ugly sites make money. People come, see an ugly ad that offers them the information they are looking for and click. Remember folks, if you are entertaining people, you’ll be funding their entertainment out of your own pocket.

#3) Inverse Relationship to Revenue

Now, I agree with this. The worse your content, the more people click. That’s the price you pay when using content-relevant ads. The worse your content and the uglier your site, the more attractive the ads are. Now, the key is to actually find the perfect balance. You can still make money from ads if you have great content – less money for sure, but still good coin.

#4) PSA’s

One word: lousy SEO or keyword research. If you do proper keyword research you will know that there are relevant ads that will be displayed for that keyword search (you can test this out by doing a google.com search with your keyword.

If you see 4+ ads on the sidebar of the search screen and the ads are RELEVANT to your keyword, then you won’t have PSA problems.).

With proper keyword research, you can be sure that there are actually some ads that CAN be displayed if you put Adsense ads up. The other half of the equation is to make sure the adbox has some keywords to use as ad fodder.

This requires proper on-page SEO – keywords in title, keywords above the ad and below the ad, bolded keywords, etc.

This means if you have a general blog with post after post of unrelated content, you are not going to get relevant, high paying ads or end up with a lot of PSA.
The author of the blog is supposed to be an SEO or IM’er or something, but if he was, he should know this.

#5) Anyone is Approved

Not exactly – I know a lot of people who get rejected. Yes, it’s fairly easy to get approved. But it you start putting up dup content, shitty content, or spam blogs, I can assure you it’s only a matter of time before you get permanently banned from Adsense.

#6) It Makes You Lazy

I do quite well with just Adsense. I agree it’s so damn easy to make lots of money with Adsense that you get lazy in your diversification. I know plenty of people pulling in 5-10k a month from a single site with Adsense. I’ve got a couple little old 3 post niche sites that sometimes pull in 20-40 bucks a day– not a “killing”, but not a bad income for 3 fucking posts on an ugly ass theme.

I’d rather earn passive income from Adsense any day than to have to muck around with advertizers. You slap up Adsense and that’s it – go sit at a beach and get a tan. If you want to sell ad space, you’ve got to hunt down interested parties, answer annoying emails, send stats, and basically whore out your time trying to convince people to pay you. You may like doing that, but I’ve got better uses for my time, thank you.

#7) They keep your Money

I’ve heard of this, but never experienced it myself. In general, Goggle is pretty fair when it comes to paying out. Quite often, bloggers get sick and tired of waiting for those .5 cents a week to add up to $100 bucks and decide to enlist the aid of friends and family to “help” reach that total faster.

Clicking on your own ads is a great way to find yourself banned before getting a payout. The being banned-before-100-bucks phenomenon occurs is probably because Google doesn’t look too deeply into how you get your clicks until your 100 payouts. I could be wrong, but I suspect this is the case.

So, to counter  this “7 Reasons Why Google Adsense Sucks” Bullshit, I’ve come up with my greatly compressed “counter” list of “7 Reasons Why Adsense Rocks”:

1. It’s easy as to set up
2. It’s passive income

There we go, enough said. So go out and make a full-time income with Adsense.

Other news:

A friend of mine is releasing a new Press Release service. He’s a very good SEO that’s been ranking high for competitive terms for years – so no bullshit there. He’s company owns a well-known Web 2.0 Property.

His press release service can give your high potential niche site or authority a very nice link boost with hundreds of links from good domains. Remember, the more links you have from different IP’s, the better you can do in the SERP’S, so if you have a couple of hundred dollars kicking around, you might want to give the service a try. I’m not being paid to promote this service in any way.

That’s it for today folks. I’ll post an update later this month about my MMO efforts. Things are going good, FINALLY finished my 105 Adsense snipers and I’m working on backlinking every single one of them for the next 3 weeks.

Talk about bitch work, but it’s got to be done. We’ll take a look to see how much they are earning then. I’ve got a few other experiments lined up like 200 eBay snipers in 30 days coming up next month and when I finish promoting my first 105 Adsense snipers, another 100 snipers to do. Now that I’m full time, I’ll see if I can post a couple of times a week on this blog.

Cheers and Make Money Online

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