3 of the Worst Product Refund Excuses Ever – Real Refund Requests You..

3 of the Worst Product Refund Excuses Ever – Real Refund Requests You Couldn’t Make Up

You could not make these things up. yes, these are all real refund requests I was given from real human beings. Read them and weep.

3 of the Worst Product Refund Excuses Ever

Request #1

“I accidentally bought this after I changed into drunk Saturday night time. I do not have a want for this product. Thanks.”

Hey, Barman Can You Refund the Beer I Bought Last Night?

So I’m thinking this man sold and paid for quite a few alcohols on Saturday night, as well as my route. Imagine if he grew to become up on the bar wherein he got loaded and said to the bar gentle:

“Hey, friend, approximately those beers you offered me last night. Turns out I didn’t really need them. Now, can I actually have my cash lower back please?”

Request #2

“I was actually greatly surprised to peer the refunds emails from PayPal in my inbox. This isn’t what I want and I can HONESTLY say that I did now not INTENTIONALLY ship you a Refund and Cancel letter.

I actually have the replica of the letter nonetheless in my “Draft” folder so I am at a loss as to how it got despatched to you. I have to have performed it but without cause.”

A Ghost inside the Machinery?

So, how on earth could that email have despatched itself while the sender had no purpose? I stumble on a sturdy odor of bovine excrement.

Or is it a ghost in the machinery? If the sender did not send the e-mail and no-one else had to get entry to his email, then some paranormal hacker should be guilty.

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I Forgot To Send Your Refund

Now if I were to overlook to refund my fee however not do so INTENTIONALLY, genuinely this customer might recognize? I’m no longer advising this of course but I am simply seeking to apprehend the good judgment right here.

Request #three

“Hi, can I get a refund. I’m now not glad because of too much speaking. Sorry.”

Ah sure. I do hate it after I buy a marketing software handiest for the darned teacher to begin talking and coaching and training. Who wishes that, proper?

So what is the lesson here?

If you promote your own merchandise, prepare to be met with a tidal-wave of silly refund excuses from some of your punters.

Let Someone Else Handle the Refunds

The less difficult cash option? Just sell different human beings’ stuff as an associate alternatively, then you definitely don’t must cope with all this nonsense.

This way you may make commissions and a person else will area the refund requests.

3 of the Worst Product Refund Excuses Ever

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